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Expansion l Building Services Installation

Client: Hospital Authority

Architect: AD+RG Architecture Design and Research Group Ltd.

Main Contractor: Penta-Ocean Construction Company Limited

Commencement/Completion: 2016/2022

Project Features:

The expansion of Haven of Hope Hospital (HHH) helps to provide 160 additional extended care beds. The 116 infirmary beds at the existing three hospital buildings will be re-provisioned to the new block and there will be two bridges linking the new block and the existing main block.

This project is qualified for HKGBC BEAM Plus with a rank of Provisional Gold under the New Buildings V1.2. The non-CFC based refrigerants are used in all heating, ventilation, air-conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration systems to minimize the effect of ozone depletion. Also, metering facilities are incorporated into the electricity system of building services, such as an air-conditioning system in common or public areas for metering and monitoring electricity usage, and providing opportunities to identify areas of improvement for electricity usage.

The systems installed in this project meet the most advanced standards of the industry. In HHH, there are six power transformers, requiring vast amounts of of switchboards, power cables, busbars, and HVAC equipment, etc., which have to be installed and fitted in the plant rooms and corridors with limited space. Hence, all installations must be well coordinated on drawings and checked carefully on-site in order to minimize possible errors and make appropriate adjustments.

The delivery of the major equipment on the roof posed a challenge as the hosting position of the lifting crane is located on a ramp which also functions as the main entrance of the hospital. Continual site inspections and proposals were carried out due to complicated traffic diversion, demanding manpower, and adverse weather conditions, delaying the progress of lifting procedures.